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Castres Aujourd'hui, place Jean JAURES

With 45,000 inhabitants, Castres today is the central city of the Castres-Mazamet urban area which includes sixteen town councils and 85,000 inhabitants. The traditional know-how of the textile, granite and wood craftsmanships runs alongside more recent activities such as mechanical engineering, pharmacology and cosmetology. Created in 1961 the Pierre Fabre Laboratories are constitute a group of 9,900 people established in over 140 different countries.

The Castres-Mazamet airport offers flights to Paris and Ajaccio (from April to September). A rugby city with the Castres Olympique (CO), Castres also has a garrison force represented by he 8th Régiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marine (8th RPIMa) (8th Marine Infantry Paratrooper Regiment).

Castres aujourd'hui, la place Jean Jaurès

For several years now Castres has been developing an actual higher education center, especially university education, by multiplying the post-high school tracks, especially university. Started in 2003, important civil engineering and rehabilitation works will still carry on highlighting the architectural and urban heritage.