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The Carillon of Notre Dame de la Platé


How many bells for the Carillon de la Platé ?

Castres has got the rare privilege to own a carillon that has never stopped ringing since its installation in 1847. It belongs to the Notre Dame de la Platé church dating from 1755. It is the fifth church built on this location. From these times there only remains the biggest bell, called Louise, a vestige of the old Protestant temple destroyed in 1685.
In 1972 begun the restoration of the carillon belfry, all inside woodworks, the “keyboard” and the pealing yokes. From 15 bells, the carillon skipped to 24 bells in 1976, 33 in 1988 and 34 in 2017. The keyboard of the traditional Flemish type, called "à coup de poing" because played with the fists, is housed under the bells.
The campanology tradition in Castres is well settled. The carillon is one of the unique carillon of southern France to be played regularly owing to benevolent players following one another at the console without interruption since 1847.

Le Carillon de Notre Dame de La Platé, à Castres

The oldest tradition related to the carillon of our city is the “Nadalet’ tradition that takes place from the 17th until the 23rd of December at 18h30. The carillon is also played every month, on the first Sunday at 11h. People can walk to the bell tower and why not climb the 120 steps of the spiral staircase to admire the fingering of our bell ringers, a true surprise with a wonderful viewpoint over Castres as a bonus.

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